Manage your project costing with Project Manager @

Manage your project costing with Project Manager @

we are glad to inform your new  tool is added into our website With the help of project manger tool organize, store and share your current projects, from construction plans to redecorating schemes, or just a place to store inspiration and ideas. Here’s how it works:

  1. Get started below to create as many projects as you’d like. Whether it’s a your own house or a grand retail store, we’ll save all them all to your account to revisit anytime.
  2. Start browsing and use the “Add to Project” link on any product page to add a product to any project, assign it to a particular room and place, and add notes and comments.
  3. Easily send your plan to friends, family, clients, etc. You can also print out a list breaking down each room with product details, pricing and notes to take with you on the go.
  4. Add all or some of your project to your cart with one click. Project Manager will save purchased and unpurchased items to your project and update quantities accordingly.

Shaw Alem

Light costing

Home Lighting Designers

The lighting technology in the modern environment has become extremely complex and not just lamps.

The business of the lighting designer as a professional is a link between lighting and architecture. The modern lighting solutions can enhance the architectural design and the design idea of a building or space concept significantly on prior art  and want to increase the acceptance of lighting design as an independent, highly specialized planning segment with architects and interior designers. Therefore “” wants the working professionals dealing with sophisticated lighting design as registered associates.

Light Affects Happiness
The lighting design in rooms and buildings directly affects the happiness of people who use these spaces. Another unifying element of lighting design for buildings and premises is not only the sustainability and energy efficiency, but also health.

Lighting designers from all over the country can become a member
As the name LitesRus (Lights Are us) suggests, invites all interested lighting designer, to register for a registered lighting designer and let Architects, interior designers and clients interested can access professional lighting designers